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Customer Reviews for Greentech Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA

Customer Reviews & Stories for Greentech Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA

Greentech Automotive in Santa Rosa, CA

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Customer Reviews & Stories

Feb 24, 2017

"I have been going to Green Tech Automotive for the past 5 years for major work and I have been very satisfied. Mr. Nathan, the owner has done a good job on my car and I very happy. I will continue going there as long as I live in Santa Rosa, Ca."

Mirriyal G. Santa Rosa, CA

Jan 11, 2017

"Honest shop, did the work in reasonable amount of time for a reasonable dollar amount and didn't give us a big list of things that we should fix like most shops usually do when you go in for anything."

Amanda P. Santa Rosa, CA

Jan 1, 2017

"Called ahead to schedule a maintenance item, no biggie and not high dollar. They were courteous, punctual, full of information, and helpful. I will return as I appreciate all of those things in a mechanic."

John D. Santa Rosa, CA

Oct 17, 2016

"I called Monday morning to see if they could replace the headlight bulb in my Audi. They were able to get me in half an hour later. They did a quick and professional job at a reasonable price. They made the whole experience super easy and I would highly recommend them!"

Annie K. Pacifica, CA

Aug 30, 2016

"GreenTech is simply the best auto repair shop in Santa Rosa. They did a major job on my Jaguar XJ8. They did it on time, within estimate and best of all, took the time to fully explain exactly what they did. I asked Nathan for some advice on a certain car I wanted to buy and he took 15 minutes to tell me pros and cons of that car and also a few alternatives I should consider. Probably saved me a lot of $$$ and frustration."

Carl B. Santa Rosa, CA

Dec 16, 2011

"Everything was very positive, professional and pleasant. I would recommend highly. Very good service."

Tim F. Santa Rosa, CA

Dec 14, 2011

"I just loved the service you provided, and I feel confident in the work that was done. I would highly recommend your services to friends."

Debbie S. Santa Rosa, CA

Dec 8, 2011

"Every experience with GreenTech is great!
Quick, honest first contact with friendly treatment the entire time!
On time with all appointments and jobs.

Gene M. Santa Rosa, CA

Nov 7, 2011

"Thanks Nate and the whole team for getting my car done in a timely manner and keeping the price right. Nice clean place and convenient Parking. "

Toni T. Santa Rosa, CA

Nov 7, 2011

"Very nice to have finally found an honest and knowledgeable mechanic. I definitely recommend this shop"

Dave F. Santa Rosa, CA

Nov 6, 2011

"My diesel van was stinky. It was annoying for me and everyone behind me. At first it seemed like it was coming from the exhaust, but it smelled more like burned oil than diesel exhaust. Nate at GreenTech Automotive quickly located the source of the smelly smoke and fixed it in short time. The rocker arm covers were leaking oil, which was dripping onto the exhaust manifold. Thanks to Nate and Greentech for their excellent service!"

Rob H. Middleton, CA

Nov 4, 2011

"Nate @ Green Tech is the best in town!"

Paetra T. Sebastopol, CA

Oct 26, 2011

"I've brought my car here a few times for a few different issues. They can always get me an appointment that fits with my crazy work schedule. I never feel as though I am being pressured into purchasing things that my car doesn't actually need as I have with other mechanics. I have recommended them to almost everyone that I know for when a repair may become necessary. Great customer service!"

Vanessa B. Petaluma, CA

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